Prompt - Racism in America

Posted 2009.01.12 14:37

What would you do?

Stereotyping / Prejudice / Social psychology

Image of a race - how it influences on what you do toward members of the social category?

What are some ways to overcome this prejudice?

What's your own thought about "Americans'" attitudes towards yourselves?

Do you have any experience like this?

Interpretive Community

Posted 2009.01.11 12:34

 “it is the reader who makes the text” since it is what he calls “interpretive strategies” that bring texts into being: “interpretive strategies are not put into execution after reading: they are the shape of reading, and because they give texts their shape, making them rather than, as is usually assumed, arising from them.” Fish denies that this view opens the door to subjectivism and relativism since “interpretive strategies” are not subjective but proceed from “interpretive communities”.

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.

What kind of question would you like to ask people in Penn State? Why?

What kind of answers do you expect?

Why is raising important questions crucial in our lives?

What are the fundamental question in your life?

What are some long-standing questions, which keep coming back to you?

Do you think there are valuable questions and useless questions? If so, what are some examples? Why do you think some are valuable while others are useless?

What is your answer to the question in the video clip?

Prompt - Ten Thousand Pictures of You

Posted 2009.01.09 15:35

Ten Thousand Pictures of You from Robin King on Vimeo.

What's happening here?

Image & Perception

Imagination & Relationship

Clash of Identities?

Image-based society - what's the big deal?

What does it mean to take pictures of yourself or friends?

Writing Instruction

Posted 2009.01.09 14:56

I am going to teach one ESL writing section this semester. A little nervous, a little excited, I have decided my mind to write as much as possible about everything this semester. I think joy of writing is not something teachable. Rather it is contagious - to the bone. So I wanna function as "a writing virus," in a sense.

Derren Brown - Person Swap

Posted 2008.12.31 04:26

Human blindness to change!


just one related article:

Me & You

Posted 2008.12.30 10:22

I don't want them to know about me.
I just want you to know me.

David Rumelhart

Bruce McClellan

Geoff Hinton

Jeff Elman

Nick Ellis


Atkinson on Weak Science

Posted 2008.12.16 16:01

Unprincipled Juxtaposition

Let the weak say I'm strong... - BIBLE

Weak science then is weak in a good way, in that it acknowledges
the partial, provisional character of all knowing—that all researchers
are actually always somewhere in particular—as well as the experiential
and human side of knowledge, instead of opting for objective,
distanced knowledge as power and control. Here, in a deeper philosophical
sense, serious efforts to understand the views of the participants have a
crucial role to play.(p. 52)

Dwight Atkinson
Situated Qualitative Research and Second Language Writing

in Matsuda, P. K., & Silva, T. J. (2005). Second Language Writing Research: Perspectives On The Process Of Knowledge Construction: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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